Frequently Asked Questions About Tanning Products

When tanning in UV sunbeds, one of the best things that you can do for your tan (and your skin) is to moisturize with a salon quality indoor tanning lotion. Moisturization is the number one key factor when it comes to tanning, whether in the sun or in a tanning bed. UV exposure can cause skin dehydration which can cause patchy color and shorten the length of your tan. However, not just any lotion on the market can help with moisturization. Salon lotions are created not only to moisturize the skin, but are also enriched with vitamins and minerals to provide the skin care needed for tanning.  Some lotions even have added benefits in them, including cosmetic bronzers that contain the chemical dihydroxyacetone that reacts with dead skin cells on the surface of the skin causing it to darken in color. Indoor salon lotions are completely different from outdoor sunscreens or SPF lotions as they do not offer any protection from UV rays at all.  Indoor lotions are simply meant to help speed up the process of developing a tan through skin moisturization and care as well as added benefits depending on what type of lotion you use. Another benefit of using lotions, is that they usually are designed to have a perfumed scent that will cover up the undesirable scent that comes after a tanning session making it easier to leave a session and get on with the rest of your day. There are multiple types of indoor tanning lotions including bronzers, accelerators, maximizers, tingle bronzers, and lotions focused on a single part of the body like facial lotions and leg bronzers. It is very important that tanners are informed of different types of lotions, how to use them, and what benefits that they offer. 

1. Bronzers- Bronzing lotions are without a doubt the most popular type of indoor tanning lotions, as they are simple to use and result in what every tanner wants, a fast and dark tan. When using a bronzing lotion in a sunbed, the melanin in your skin is already being activated by the UV rays. In addition to your skin color being darkened by the UV light, bronzing lotions contain DHA that adds a layer of cosmetic tan to your skin that reacts with your skin cells over the course of a few hours and oxidizes into a golden bronze color on the skin. In other words, a bronzing lotion assists in giving you immediate color, while still building a natural lasting tan over time.  

2. Accelerators- Accelerators are mainly meant for beginning tanners or those who are trying to build up a base tan. They contain an extra amount of moisturizer and vitamins, as these are needed to prepare the skin to start tanning and ensure that the tan goes deep into the skin to create lasting color. 

3. Maximizers- Maximizers are needed when a tanner has built their base tan and now wants to continue tanning regularly to keep up their color. Maximizers are generally lower in moisturization and special ingredients. The focus of these lotions are in lengthening the life of your tan so that you stay darker longer. 

4. Tingle- A tingle lotion is a special creation made solely for experienced tanners. Tingle lotions deliver a reddening, warming effect through the active ingredient, Benzyl Nicotinate. Tingle lotions deliver deep, dark tanning results by increasing skin cells microcirculation and oxygenation. Because of the skin burning sensation that it delivers, tingle lotion is not recommended for everyone. Though it does deliver the darkest and deepest tan possible, some find the sensation uncomfortable. The reddening affect of the lotions is also  transferable to other humans and pets for up to 7 hours. 

5. Facial Bronzers- Using a product designed specifically for your face is very important as your facial skin is much more sensitive to light, perfumes, and chemicals than the rest of your body. Facial accelerators and bronzers are designed to be fragrance free and hypoallergenic to ensure that your face gets the same bronze gold tan as the rest of your body.

6. Leg Bronzer- For most people, the legs are the most difficult to tan. It is also  the most common body part for other people to notice your tan. A tan on the legs also makes the legs appear longer, sleeker, and sexier. Leg bronzers are specially designed for hard to tan areas with ultra-dark bronzers, skin firmers, shave minimizers, and ,moisturizers. 

You may also hear many other words used time and time again to explain what differentiates one lotion from the other based on its ingredients. For example, hemp seed oil is used in some products for ultimate moisturization, as well as a cooling effect on the skin. For the older generation of tanners who are ultimately concerned with wrinkles and skin moisturization, you could see words like “silicon emulsion”, “caffeine”,” anti-aging”, or “Vitamin E enriched”. These products are designed to prevent skin tightening, drying out, or any premature aging that comes along with UV tanning by adding an extra touch of vitamins or moisture. They can still be combined with light bronzers as well. Lastly, you can also find “shimmer” or “glitter” bronzers. These lotions have shimmer already added into the lotion in addition to the bronzer, giving your skin a luminous “Brazilian babe” glow as soon as you jump out of your session!

Popular brands of indoor tanning lotions that we carry at Club Tan:

1. Australian Gold 

2. Designer Skin

3. Tan-Az-U4. Supre Tan (Snooki collection)


6. Devoted Creations